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TI Editor/Assembler Integer Arithmetic
Video (09:43)
In this episode, we continue the assembly language series with some simple integer-based arithmetic.

TI Editor/Assembler Fundamentals
Video (10:48)
In this episode, we kick off the first in a series about using assembly language on the TI-99/4A.

The TI-99 Speech Synthesizer Sings
Video (2:56)
I thought I would put my TI to the task of generating a random list of words and singing them through the Speech Synthesizer to notes in the Newline99 theme song. Here is the yield of that fantastical adventure. Hope you enjoy this silly little side quest.

AtariAge TI-99 10-Liner Contest
Video (12:44)
We have a look at the entries and results of the 2019 AtariAge TI-99/4A 10-liner contest.

Disk and Cassette Storage
Video (09:09)
This episode is a look at software storage on the TI, using cassettes and diskettes.

Introduction to TI Assembly
A video look at assembly language (11:10)
In this episode, we take a peek at assembly language on the TI, comparing its capability to BASIC, and demonstrate a practical use for assembly's speedy operation.

Programming Sound and Speech
Video about sound and speech (11:40)

This video covers the sound and speech features and commands available in TI BASIC, Extended BASIC, and assembly language.

Programming Graphics
Video outlining graphics (09:08)

This video covers many of the graphics features and commands available in TI BASIC, Extended BASIC, and assembly language.

Exploring TI BASIC
Video demonstrating the basics of BASIC (8:43)

In this video, we play a little bit with BASIC programming on the TI-99/4A. We write a program to play a holiday song to demonstrate the concepts of BASIC.

Introduction to the TI-99/4A
Video showing off the TI (7:24)

This is a video about the TI-99/4A, with a little history and some technical information about the system.